Industrial cooling

For over 50 years now, we have been stamping parts for the largest industrial cooling manufacturers.

By integrating the complete assembly of hermetic sub-assemblies, we are currently developing the products of tomorrow, hand in hand with our customers.

The main commercial refrigeration products developed so far:

  • Cloches, ferrules and Scroll compressor mid shells
  • Reciprocating compressor housing
  • Cut, stamped & deep drawn parts

Automotive industry

As a tier-2 supplier, we manufacture complex sub-assemblies, ready to be fitted in electric vehicles.

As a strategic partner, we supply car manufacturers with a just-in-time service and a quality that is second to none.

Other parts we stamp for the automotive industry:

  • Stamping and assembly of battery trays for electric vehicles
  • Stamped parts for heavy goods vehicles
  • Structural parts

Household appliances

For the European and African markets, we manufacture visible and structural parts in stainless steel.

We also supply complete sub-assemblies, ready for assembly, delivered in our customer-specific packaging.

  • All stainless steel parts: drums, door frames, stiffeners, transverses for washing machines and other household appliances


As a major energy-market player, we manufacture a whole range of components to generate and transport electricity.

  • Shields for nuclear-waste containers
  • High-power terminals
  • Reflectors

General industry

And true to what we refer to as our historical core activity, we supply parts or sub-assemblies for:

  • Various cut metal parts
  • Tanks & filtration systems (heavy goods vehicles, industry, aerospace, agriculture)
  • Fire extinguisher cylinders
  • Office furniture (welded pieces)
  • Stainless-steel sinks and handbasins
  • Lawnmower handles and axles