Project management

The culture
of customers’ projects

Our project management process is based on the ISO TS standard and designed in such a way that our customers’ needs take centre stage and all planning and budgetary requirements are strictly adhered to.

Continuous process monitoring and supplier assessment means that we can operate at maximum efficiency.

One project manager, who manages our teams, coordinates our subcontractors and handles reporting, is appointed to each individual project.

Our project process is subdivided into five stages:

  • Stage 0 Commercial
  • Stage 1 Launch
  • Stage 2 Study
  • Stage 3 Realisation
  • Stage 4 Fine-tuning & PPAP Qualification
  • Stage 5 Capitalisation and project closure

Customer service

World Class Supplier

To meet ever-changing market needs, ADEL has always kept abreast of the latest developments.

We train and empower our employees to ensure that they can provide our customers with the unparalleled service they deserve.

Discussion and communication with your own team throughout every stage of your project forms part and parcel of our project management process.

Continuous improvement

ADEL is certified to
ISO 9001

We continuously monitor and enhance the efficiency of our processes and our quality-assurance system.

Internal audits

To assess our own performance, our processes, products and quality systems are audited on a regular basis. All audit findings are discussed during management reviews. This modus operandi allows us to sort out any problems as they crop up and to prevent them recurring.

Data analysis

Improvement projects are selected, followed up, monitored and validated on the basis of the data collected and the study data.
Day in, day out, our Six Sigma team looks for ways and means to improve our processes.

Corrective and preventive action

Our team-oriented problem-solving process has been formally structured to identify causes and prevent recurrence. Error-correction methods are used as a matter of course and, where appropriate, applied to similar processes.