Cutting & deep drawing

Our name
is our reputation

When it comes to cutting & stamping, our reputation precedes us.

Whether you’re talking moulds, transfer or rework presses for steel, stainless steel, copper or aluminium, we have all the skills, know-how, manpower and equipment in-house to meet your requirements.

Machining & laser cutting


These days, finishing forms part of most of our customers’ machining, milling, punching or laser-trimming orders.

At ADEL, finishing is performed as a secondary operation or just-in-time on dedicated production lines, with the result that our products leave the plant with a customer-specific, high-grade and qualitative finish.

Our numerical-control machinery (Tour Mazak and Cazeneuve, Hurco 3-axis machining centre) allows us to meet the most exacting of machining specifications.

Our latest acquisition, the 3D MAZAK Laser, facilitates any rework that was hitherto impossible with other production methods.

Assembly & degreasing

A total

As a strategic partner, ADEL supplies your complete sub-assembly, packaged in line with your requirements, so that it can be directly integrated into your assembly process without the need for rework.

Although, nowadays, most projects start with studying a stamped part, it doesn’t quite end there.

We can provide you with a total solution for all your products and sub-assemblies, integrating deep drawing, machining, welding, assembly, degreasing or phosphatisation, traceability management, Data Matrix marking and packaging.


at your service

The team spirit our company was built on is epitomised by our engineering team.

Our engineers and technicians are masters in the art of stamping and know the latest industrial processes inside out.

We have all the know-how and experience to devise and integrate innovative and efficient solutions in-house.

With the latest CAO and simulation technologies at their disposal, our teams work in collaboration with your company to guarantee the success of your project.